Dresden, Germany

The sudden burst of explosions woke up the city's sleeping residents. The sounds of roaring fire, collapsing floors, & screams could be heard from above hundreds of shaking & crumbling cellar ceilings. Then, more deafening explosions & more burning flames came tearing through the town; making it hard to breathe, to find others, to escape. There was no room for hope, not even a sliver. Only terror & mass chaos & death could be felt as the bombs kept falling again & again.

I can only imagine what it must have been like to experience the bombing of Dresden, Germany. I can listen to tour guides, walk along the rebuilt ruins that were once completely leveled, & see a faint memory of what once was. & as we explored the remodeled architecture, wandered into medieval markets, & drank rum-spiced eggnog from Christmas stands, I thought about what it all meant. Even to a country that, at the time, was allowing so much evil to permeate the world. I wondered (even in my own life) about the constant struggle: to live through terrible anguish, to finally accept defeat, to ask for help when in ruin, & to move forward once again.