Roadtrip to Liberec

With balmy & hot weather coupled with bouts of storms & cold winds, the beginning of this summer has been a grab bag of sorts here in Europe. Like the weather, life has been pretty unpredictable for me these past few months in Prague as well. & to shake things up a bit, my good friend Eliska & I took a road trip to Northern Bohemia in mid-June.

We drove to a little town called Liberec, which is nestled in the rolling green hills of the Czech countryside. We strolled the city's beautiful, fragrant botanical gardens, ate at a cute cafe tucked away on a busy street, & wandered over to the small town square. Not far from Liberec is the scenic overlook of Jested Rozhledna: a gorgeous lookout with panoramic views of the Northern Bohemian landscape. We braved the short hike up & sat on a bench gazing over the great green hills; gusts of wind blowing across our faces & making our hair dance in the wind; making me smile & belly laugh for the first time in weeks.