Couple of Prague Photography

Couple of Prague Photography

W E L C O M E   

Hi there, my name is Alisha. I grew up in the fields & forests of Midwest America. Home meant long snowy winters & growing tall in summers of spindle grass; the soft wind my melody & the shade of golden trees my companion. 

I'm a freelance writer & editor. I write believing that the rhythm of a sentence & the rhyme of words together can bridge community with individual; bringing a thousand strings together to form a single steady note. Our fragility (collectively) becoming one sound. 

My heart & my purpose is found in Jesus Christ. The words abode or abide in verb tense are defined as: to remain or last; to dwell; or to endure or wait for patiently. On a daily basis, I find myself abiding in the Lord’s steadfast ways, letting his presence wash over me & renew my heart & mind. 

I long for more; to deeply understand & articulate what I know. Through my travels, struggles, art, & interaction with others, the chaotic becomes refined & the tangled string unwinds. Amidst the broken pieces, I can begin to see. 

Come & see with me.