W E L C O M E 

Hi there, my name is Alisha Andres. I'm a writer & editor that loves creating meaningful stories to share with others. My day job includes working at a local publisher in the city & drafting freelance projects for a wonderful nonprofit organization. While writing is my main creative focus, I've also worked in the realm of freelance photography, photo styling, & modeling as well. In this little corner of the internet, you'll find my personal work & various creative projects.

My home currently resides with my husband, Dan, in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. We've lived in a few cities now (including a two-year adventure in Prague, Czech Republic) & are addicted to traveling the world together; discovering new colors & textures that are different than our own. While we'll always have a healthy dose of wanderlust in our veins, we're always happy to be back in the Great Lake State, forever our Midwest anchor.

The words abode or abide in verb tense can be defined as: to remain or last, to endure without yielding, or to wait for patiently. With each new challenge or personal struggle that I face, I find myself striving to abide in the steadfast ways of Jesus Christ. His presence is my home that washes & strengthens the broken places in my heart. The more I learn about myself throughout His refining process, the more I can begin to clearly see.

I invite you to come along & see with me.